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Durex Gel Naturals 100 ml
12,95 incl. VAT
Water-based gel for the intimate areas. With 100% natural ingredients. Contains Biolin - a prebiotic that helps to maintain the intimate balance. Odorless and colourless. 100 ml. Ingredients: ...  
CLITORISEX Cream 40 ml
14,95 incl. VAT
Clit stimulation cream with "Wild Yams" extracts. Perfectly balanced pH value, water-soluble and free of grease. 40 ml. Ingredients: aqua, cetyl dimethicone, glycerin, cetearyl alcohol, capry...  
CLITORISEX Cream 25 ml
17,95 incl. VAT
Clit stimulation cream with "Wild Yams" extracts. Perfectly balanced pH value, water-soluble and free of grease. 25 ml. Ingredients: glycerin, aqua, alcohol denat., hydroxyethylcellulose, par...  
Game Hot Affair - German
44,95 incl. VAT
Couple board game - contents: 4 sets of cards (eroticism, fantasy, passion, intimate), 2 playing figures, 1 dice, 3 x 4 rings for playing figures. German. Specificaties:Total rating - 5Suitable...  
Kamasutra Intimate Caress Pomegranate
14,95 incl. VAT
Intimate Caress Pomegranate is a lovely moisturizing shave cream for women that is created for use anywhere on the body. This specially formulated cream with aloe vera and jojoba seed oil gives you...  
Kamasutra Intimate Caress Coconut Pineapple
14,95 incl. VAT
Intimate Caress by Kamasutra is an ultra-rich moisturizing shave cream for women. Made with aloe vera and jojoba seed oil for smooth, sensual skin; this specially formulated cream gives your body t...  
Pjur MySpray
17,95 incl. VAT
Prickling pearls on the skin! pjur myspray is an effective and stimulating vaginal spray. Its special formula stimulates the blood circulation in the genital area and enhances sensitivity and...  
Pjur My Glide
7,95 incl. VAT
Developed specially for female stimulation and pleasure: exhilarating and joy enhancing, natural ginseng provides a pleasant heat effect and intensifies the feeling during sex intercourse. ...  
Pjur Woman Toycleaner - 100 ml
12,95 incl. VAT
The cleaning spray for the hygienic cleansing of erotic items. Also suitable for alcohol-sensitive materials such as latex, rubber, glass, silicone and leather. Reduces odors and removes bacteria a...  
Pasante Female Condoms 30 pcs
44,95 incl. VAT
Re-engineered to be softer and quieter to use, to give an ultra-sensitive feeling. The female condom is a sensual material that is lubricated for your pleasure, specifically designed to empower wom...  
Hot Lady Sex-Tampons - 8 Pcs.
9,95 incl. VAT
Hot Lady Sex-Tampons are special tampons made of sponge. These tampons absorb well, have no string and are very comfortable to wear. They are also very hygienic in use and the material contains no ...  
Libidofemme 2 capsules
19,95 incl. VAT
Libidofemme Libidofemme is created to support the increase in BOTH sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. No matter it is about stress, worries, vaginal dryness, no orgasm, medication or negative...  
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